Empowering Residents To Live In Dignity

The MWS Residential Services cluster comprises 2 Nursing Homes and a Welfare Home for the destitute and homeless. We care for low-income seniors with chronic illnesses and ageing needs who require round the clock support.

In meeting the residents' holistic needs, we provide medical, nursing and rehabilitative care, and services that support the psychosocial and spiritual needs of our residents, their families and caregivers.
Hello, how are you? Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea?
asked Madam Loo Jo Lee as she pointed to the menu.

50-year old Jo Lee is a resident at MWS Bethany Nursing Home – Choa Chua Kang. She is also the cashier cum front service staff of Café Joy which is located within the Home.

Care Begets Hope

"I serve as a cashier here once every 2 weeks. The staff trained me on how to greet customers, take orders, and use the cash register," shared Jo Lee as she cheekily waved a stash of 'play money' in different denominations.

"I really enjoy serving at the café, meeting and chatting with people. It feels good to contribute. Sometimes, I've even found myself cheering up another resident!" Jo Lee said.

Jo Lee came to MWS Bethany Nursing Home – Choa Chu Kang about 6 years ago. She had suffered a stroke and just woken up from a 3-month long coma.

"I was struggling with my health. My marriage was falling apart. My daughters were teenagers then. I shut myself off and did not want to speak with anyone," she recalled.

"Up till 2019, I refused to accept that this is going to be my life. But the MWS Bethany team really cared for me. Slowly, I turned to the Christian faith and with the help of the clinical and pastoral team, I began to see life more positively, and feel hopeful again. Who knows, I may be able to return to work in future!

Although I still have a little difficulty lifting my left arm, I am in a much better shape. I look forward to my weekly personal therapy sessions which are helping me get better," Jo Lee said.

Café Joy is one of the major additions of the Care Remodelling of MWS Bethany Nursing Home – Choa Chu Kang. Apart from providing a cosy communal space for residents and visitors, it is designed to be run by residents, empowering them with a sense of independence and purpose.

Empowerment Approach

The same empowering approach is used for the mobile gift cart initiative in MWS Nursing Home – Yew Tee. The cart carries artworks and crafts created by residents which visitors can bring home for a small donation.

For residents at MWS Christalite Methodist Home who were assessed to be ready, they were empowered and supported in securing employment outside the Home, gaining self-independence and gradually reintegrating into the community.

Improving Quality of Life

"Our main focus is to improve the quality of life of our residents. Our care philosophy is resident-directed, which means we recognise their individual needs, preferences and abilities. We also aim to create communal belonging, and address care needs in an integrated and holistic manner," said Jenny Bong, Cluster Director of the MWS Residential Services.

MWS Nursing Homes are also designed to provide a home-like and dementia-friendly environment. In addition, the MWS Allied Health team tailored exercises, activities and therapy programmes according to residents' needs, to enhance their physical and cognitive abilities. "We were very intentional in our Care Remodelling, making sure that both the physical environment and care approach work hand in hand," Jenny said.

Caregivers Need Care Too

The Caregivers Club launched in 2019 provided such a support system. The caregivers could receive training in caregiving, learn self-care or simply connect and support one another.

"When caregivers are well-supported, they become stronger partners as we team up to give our residents the best quality of life possible," shared Jenny.

MWS believes that vulnerable people also have inherent strengths and abilities. In empowering our residents, we can meet their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs more effectively and provide a higher quality of life.

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