About MWS Empowerun

MWS Empowerun aims to galvanise the community to bring colours to lives together.

For our beneficiaries who face bleak futures and sombre, dark challenges in their daily lives, MWS work is centred on 5 IMPACT AREAS to give:
MWS Empowerun is a unique charity run for 3 reasons:

Choose the impact area that speaks to your heart most, one which you would like to represent and advocate for.

Learn about the challenges and issues faced by beneficiaries in your chosen impact area. You can raise awareness of these issues within your social network and advocate for support or understanding. These challenges include poverty, trauma, mental illness, physical health issues and isolation.

Sign up for "personal encounters" with beneficiaries in your impact area of choice. These personal encounters can happen through visiting the centres, having an online meet and greet or participating in the run together.
We hope that you will have a more meaningful and impactful experience in MWS Empowerun. Together, let's Empower People to have Life to the Full.

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