Chronically Ill, Frail and Destitute

The Chronically Ill, Frail and Destitute experience poor health and well-being

Poverty is a major cause of ill health.

What are the issues and challenges?

Poverty is a major cause of ill health and a barrier to accessing health care when needed.
- World Bank

  • Those in poverty lack the resources that are needed for good health, such as balanced nutrition and health care.
  • Chronic illness further increases financial distress causing even more stress.
  • In lower-income households, chronic illnesses are often left untreated till it is too late because of the more urgent need to earn a living.
What you can do?

Support low income elderly who are unable to afford the cost of long term medical, nursing and rehabilitative care.

MWS runs Home Care and Hospice services for frail elderly in the comfort of their own homes, as well as residential 24/7 care for bed-bound or wheelchair-bound seniors.

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Dementia is not just about losing your memories.

What are the issues and challenges?
  • Persons with dementia don't only experience memory loss. They may also face other immense difficulties with:
    • Communication,
    • Recognising faces,
    • Daily activities such as dressing and eating meals.
  • Developing dementia is not a death sentence! Persons with dementia can adapt to their condition, and still experience personal and relational comfort.
What you can do?

Although there is no cure for dementia, the condition can be managed through medication, as well as psychosocial methods.

To help someone with dementia, understand what he/ she is going through. Sign up for MWS webinars on understanding dementia regularly, and follow us on our socials to keep up to date with upcoming webinars.

Share your learnings with caregivers of dementia patients.

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