Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds may experience poor self-esteem and belief

What a child from a disadvantaged background really needs?

What are the issues and challenges?
  • Poverty affects a child’s intellectual and social development.
    • Comparison with their better off peers may negatively impact their self-esteem.
    • They may often lack proper parental guidance when their parents work long hours.
    • Children from lower-income families are more likely to underperform in school due to a lack of family resources. 4
What you can do?
  • Be involved in character development programmes and mentoring children. Find out more about being a volunteer amongst children here.
  • Support equal opportunities for learning and enrichment. Support this cause by donating generously here.
  • Read more and share about how MWS helps families to build stronger relationships through our Family Support Programme here.

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