Empowering Residents To Live In Dignity

The MWS Residential Services cluster comprises 2 Nursing Homes and a Welfare Home for the destitute and homeless. We care for low-income seniors with chronic illnesses and ageing needs who require round the clock support.

In meeting the residents' holistic needs, we provide medical, nursing and rehabilitative care, and services that support the psychosocial and spiritual needs of our residents, their families and caregivers.

85-year-old Mr Yip Chow Loong* used to work in a factory. After a bad fall in 2019, he lost his independence to carry out daily activities. At the same time, he was battling medical conditions such as tuberculosis, kidney problems and high blood pressure.

Divorced and estranged from his 4 children, he had been living in his employer's dormitory. However, his deteriorating condition demanded full-time nursing care and his employer had to admit him to MWS Nursing Home - Yew Tee, leaving Mr Yip deeply disappointed.

It took a while but Mr Yip soon adjusted to life in the Home, thanks in part to the holistic and thoughtful care he receives. “Whenever they have special cooking sessions, the nurses would save some food for me. They also know I enjoy reading the Chinese newspapers and would reserve that for me,” shared Mr Yip.

As Mr Yip had difficulty walking after the accident, he was placed on a physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme at the Home. The efforts have paid off as he has since regained his ability to walk.

“The staff not only consistently encouraged me to go for physiotherapy, but also to join activities at the Home so I could make new friends,” said Mr Yip.

To ensure he receives the necessary care without financial concerns, a team of MWS staff have also been managing Mr Yip's money matters. This includes providing him with financial counselling and applying for financial assistance on his behalf to defray his nursing home bills.

In addition, Mr Yip's medical social worker has been journeying with him and helping him process his feelings of disappointment with his employer.

Today, he no longer blames his employer, and was even thankful that his employer had supported him financially, giving him a chance for a better quality of life.

*Mr Yip has since passed on after this story was published.

MWS believes that vulnerable people also have inherent strengths and abilities. In empowering our residents, we can meet their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs more effectively and provide a higher quality of life.

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