Seniors who are Socially Isolated

Seniors who are socially isolated experience poor community connections

Loneliness may be deadly for seniors

What are the issues and challenges?

The problem is when loneliness persists for a long period of time. And when it is chronic, then we enter into a chronic stress state. And that is what has dramatically consequential impacts on our health.
- Vivek Murthy, Author of Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World

  • The rising suicide rate among seniors strongly correlates with the rise in seniors who live alone.
    • In 2000, 79 seniors aged 60 and above committed suicide in Singapore. In 2020, this number almost doubled to 154 1
    • In that same time, the number of seniors who live alone has quadrupled. 2
  • Many seniors face loneliness from the loss of social networks due to the retirement and death of friends and loved ones.
    • A loss of mobility due to age and chronic illness can cause further problems in meeting other people.
What you can do?
MWS reaches out to seniors who are socially isolated in several parts of Singapore through befriending. You can help make a difference!
  • Read more and share about our efforts here.
  • Sign up for our upcoming befriending webinar* to learn how you can befriend seniors and;
  • Volunteer to be a befriender or explore other ways to connect with our seniors here!
  • Support this cause by donating generously here
*Webinar Details
Title: Befriending (For new volunteers / refresher)
Date: Thursday, 27 Apr 2023
Time: 7.30 pm to 9 pm

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