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Hoh Kin, 82
Beneficiary at MWS Active Ageing Centre – Fernvale Rivergrove

Hoh Kin, an 82-year-old retired hawker, once ran a bustling Yong Tau Foo store with his wife. Together, they raised 3 children over the years as they worked shoulder to shoulder. Yet, his life turned around when his wife was diagnosed with dementia. As her condition deteriorated, the store was closed down and Hoh Kin became his wife’s primary care giver.

Despite his daily caregiving duties, Hoh Kin visits MWS Active Ageing Centre – Fernvale Rivergrove once a week to participate in various activities with his wife. "It gives us something to look forward to. We get to participate in many different activities that keep our minds active and also make new friends," Hoh Kin shared enthusiastically.

Hoh Kin remains optimistic and grateful for a safe space at the Centre and activities to participate in. He recently went to fly kites with some students, and his wife even tried archery with him holding her hand, which made her smile a lot.

When asked about Empowerun, an initiative to raise funds for over 9,000 beneficiaries under MWS' care, Hoh Kin shared that he plans to bring his wife along as she enjoys walking. He believes it's a good initiative as it helps many people in need. "There are many people who need help and support, my heart feels happy knowing that I'm giving back in some way too," he said.

Despite the challenges that come with caring for his wife, Hoh Kin remains devoted to her and grateful for the support they receive from MWS. "We sold Yong Tau Foo and raised our children together, now that she is unwell, I will take care of her." His story serves as an inspiration to all caregivers who are facing similar challenges.

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Doris Soh, 85
Beneficiary at MWS Active Ageing Centre – Fernvale Rivergrove

"I think the Centre benefits many seniors like myself. It makes exercise and socialising accessible and affordable so that seniors can stay active and healthy. In fact, I enjoy the Centre's activities and gym equipment so much I encourage my church friends to come! One of them stays at Woodlands but comes all the way here for ukulele sessions and to make friends. I have seen how my friends who are in their 80s and even 90s grow stronger after using the gym equipment here. They are more alert and are no longer as lethargic.

My sister told me how I am in good health and shape for my age. I am grateful for the support and community I receive at the Centre. MWS supports many who are in need, not just elderly seniors in the community but also those who live in residential homes, teenage girls who are at risk, children from disadvantaged backgrounds and families in need. Every amount counts and would enable more people to receive help. It will be wonderful if individuals could contribute whatever they can."

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Lee Ah Poh, 84
Beneficiary at MWS Active Ageing Centre – GreenTops@Sims Place

"Exercise is good for seniors as it keeps us healthy. If I can do, I will help and play my part!"

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Tan Ee Keng, 89
Beneficiary at MWS Active Ageing Centre – GreenTops@Sims Place

"I signed up for MWS Empowerun because I am a member at the Centre and as a retiree, I have a lot of time. It is also a good activity because funds will be raised to help others. If you can donate, donate. If you can walk, walk. It is all about doing something good."

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Tai See Ling, 86
Beneficiary at MWS Active Ageing Centre – GreenTops@Sims Place

"I joined the Centre as it can get very boring at home. I come here to make friends, exercise and stay fit at the same time. Happy can already! I am glad that people are donating to MWS Empowerun. I hope that everyone will help. If you have money, do consider donating even if it’s just a bit."

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