Empowering Young Lives

MWS supports children needing after-school care at MWS Christalite Student Care Centre.
Empathy for Children

MWS adopts a child-centric approach to how it cares for the children at the MWS Christalite Student Care Centre. “Some of the children come from broken families or lack adult supervision. At times, these circumstances may cause them to act out. By being sensitive to what’s going on in their lives, we are firm but empathetic in how we engage them. Ultimately, we want them to turn out as well-rounded individuals with hopes for a full life ahead,” shared Steven Goh, Head of Centre.

By collaborating with partners, volunteers and the community, MWS aims to meet the psychosocial and emotional needs of disadvantaged children. By tapping on other services within the MWS Family Services cluster, such as our debt alleviation and asset building programme, parenting support and guidance, and rigorous clinical experience, we are able to provide holistic care and support for them and their families.

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